About Stephen

“I want to help create something special.”

About ten years ago, my longest and deepest relationship began to crumble. Losing that important person was confusing and hurtful. I spent a lot of time yelling epiphanies at the wall, reenacting arguments and resetting to self-doubt. The whole experience left me in an emotional whirlpool; I sort of spun in a degrading circle for months.

I began taking all the loose thoughts and unspoken words—I began assembling them into a very simple story. Every night, after I put my daughters to bed, I would turn out the living room lights and start my favorite (self-admittedly) melancholy playlist. The words weren’t always easy to find, but they were always worth the effort. I had discovered a very real therapy in writing.

I write a bit to escape, a bit for the joy, and a bit for salve. Writing has become an important and necessary part who I am and what I do. Over the years I’ve collaborated with a lot of friends and a few production companies. I always do my very best to hear criticism, and value partnership. I may work on projects alone from time to time, but the creative process is never a vacuum.

Let’s tell a story. Let’s create something special.


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  1. Marvel Team Up – Red Sonja & Spider-Man
  2. New Warriors (90s)
  3. Excalibur (80s)
  4. ElfQuest
  5. ZOT!


  1. Brandi Carlile
  2. Jason Isbell
  3. Avett Brothers
  4. Train
  5. Wild Feathers


  1. Batman the Animated Series
  2. My Name is Earl
  4. The Muppet Show
  5. Star Wars the Clone Wars