Sex, Politics and a Sliding Scale

Which grown idiot do you cheer for?

Do you think Al Franken was set up? Was Trump’s “locker room talk” a simple situation of a grown man in a boys-will-be-boys situation?

It’s odd. If I behaved like either of them, I’d hang my head in shame. I’d be humiliated. I’d never imagine people would excuse me just so they don’t have to vote for a “liberal sissy” or “right-wing moron”.

The last several months have done very little to encourage those of us who believe our leaders aren’t the problem; their lack of integrity is the problem. We all fail. We all disappoint. These forms of malfeasance are on another scale. Using sex as a form of depraved entertainment while belittling an entire gender is pathetic. Anyone who’s been assaulted understands the base selfishness of the assailant. Anyone who bullies or assaults another should be removed from any position of prestige.

So who’s your idiot? What’s the excuse you’re willing to craft their shield with? How long will you use a sliding scale to lift up those who advocate your “party” while ignoring their mettle as human beings? Do you think you can advocate your principles via law and not demonstration?

Americans carry a sliding scale next to their television remote. It’s time to ask if we need either anymore.

Men aren’t boys. Political parties aren’t football teams.

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